Serious question, how do you beat Pyke?

Ok, I am done complaining about Pyke, this champion is beyond titling to face, but I am gonna stop here and instead I am gonna ask the boards nicely: How do you beat Pyke in lane? How you deal with him mid-late when he gets fed and wrecks teamfights? He has 600 HP, 45 armor lv1. That ridiculous. He gets to 2300 HP, 130 armor(most in the game I think). So the concept that he is squishy is actually not true. And then there is his passive healing, goddamn. So you can't poke him because he regens back, you can't play sustain lanes(squishy enchanters) or he will all-in you at 6 and get a double kill, you can't play all in supports cuz of his mobility. You jump on him, he stuns you with E, runs away(regens back)and leaves you in a bad spot. His mana costs are so low he can stay in lane forever. W- 50 mana, E- 40 mana what a joke. His stab Q kind of hurts as well, but his hook is bad, so I am gonna give him that. So what do I do vs Pyke other than ban him or hope he is a bad Pyke, cuz the good ones are unplayable against. For me at least.
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