@ Riot whats the new equivalent

{{item:3070}} -> https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DPn3JCWUGRk/hqdefault.jpg -> {{item:3020}} -> {{item:3089}} -> {{item:3157}} -> {{item:3040}} fill usually -> {{item:3135}} ya know the typical "i want to kill something with raw magic damage" build its kinda dead when you shave off 200 ap dontcha think? now you've given us 40% cdr builds and any extra item you would want puts us over the top with CDR. or other similar frivilous stats that aren't named AP, DAMAGE. ludens is just severly under performing... the DFG "replacement" and with zhonyas crippled too... its just ugh, uuuuuuggggghhhhhh i want to kill something as a mage, and i dont want to have to repeat myself with another combo, you've made it soo much more difficult than it used to be. now i have to be 10-0, 4 levels up to get the same job done.
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