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#First a tl;dr Do the champions with high win-rates/play-rates actually bother you? Do you recall a recent game in which they have impacted you? (Poll below) #So... I'm a large boards user (At least in my opinion). I check several times a day, and I find myself out of threads to read at times. However. Recently, (who am I kidding all the time) I'v seen posts about how champions are "broken" or busted due to high win-rates and play-rates. This to be honest has bothered me quite a bit. So all I'm asking is, despite how you might not like the current state of those champions, if you look in your last 20 games has there been even 3 games where those champions have heavily impacted you? ------------------------------------------------------ Currently the top 20 win-rate champions are (According to champion.gg, not the most accurate but a source non the less http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend). 1.Ivern 2.Nunu 3.Pantheon 4.Twitch 5.Fiddlesticks 6.Aniva 7.Sona 8.Blitzcrank 9.Aurelion Sol 10.Kog'Maw 11.Ahri 12.Kayle 13.Ziggs 14.Talon 15.Lucian 16.Janna 17.Sion 18.Soraka 19.Skarner 20.Annie (plat+) --------------------------- Of these champions the one's I personally have seen the most complaints about are Ivern (8% approx playrate) Lucian (42% approx playrate) Ahri (22% approx playrate) and lastly Janna (14% approx playrate) Their respective banrates however, with the exception being ivern are all below 2%. So it seems to be that it isn't as much that they are annoying in game, or impactful. Rather it seems that people are looking at numbers and saying, oh that seems big and annoying.... Probs a bit busted. ------------------------------- To be fully honest consider boards like a good yawn. When one person starts yawning, the people around them are impacted and often times follow suit. This seems to be the case with most of these threads. One person comes out of a bad game with one of these champions, or just feels like ranting about something and takes one and goes. "Hey guys these numbers seem like they are over the top, let's complain about how riot doesn't ever balance and these champions are un-nerfable and un-touchable." ------------- As such I would like to go over these four champions. #Any input is welcome in the comments below ------------------------- ##Ivern Sooo Ivern in himself seems to be a unique case. He's a support jungler and ONE of the only of his kind, the other being nunu whom is debatably not a support jungler. Take note that these two are also at the top two winrate champions. It's likely that the high numbers come from the relatively unique and beneficial playstyle. Being that the majority of junglers classify into two groups. Bruisers and Assassins, while not looking down upon these classes to look at the "ideal" team composition which consists of a tank top, bruiser jungle, mage mid, marksman bot, and support bottom. It's hard to find where an assassin or bruiser comes in. Being that the role of an assassin/bruiser is primarly to get at the back line and get rid of the marksman. However the support's role is to protect the marksman (and team) and hence by having an extra support one can see why it's an ideal team comp being that it counters the meta. Beyond that both Ivern & Nunu's kit have the semi-unique ability to help remove weaknesses. Ivern gives a gapcloser to those who are generally speaking limited by movement and Nunu has a teamwide slow & an ally buff that increases attack speed & movement speed (if I do recall). ##tl;dr Ivern (and nunu) have high winrates due to their style "countering" the meta and making up for allied weaknesses --------------------- ##Lucian Lucian has always been a meta pick or an out of meta OTP champion from what I'v seen. Currently he is strong due to the BORK changes. His kit's fluidity and skillcap have made him something of a fun to play pick, while strong in certain metas. Not too much to say on lucian personally. However BORK, IE, and BT changes are on PBE, so it might be better to see how those affect the meta before analyzing this. ##tl;dr Let's see changes before talking about this one ----------- ##Ahri Ahri from what I'v seen is looked down upon for having a large safety net. Ahri is also the reason I created this thread (due to a recent Ahri complaint thread I was just on). Looking at her OP.GG specifically (http://champion.gg/champion/Ahri/Middle?league=) the only portions she shines at are winrate & pickrate. Neither of which are defining factors in a game, but rather results of a game. The most noteable point is her damage output is considered average/mid tier while her damage taken on the other hand is exceptionally low (Or high I might be reading it wrong, quite sure it's low tho). This comes back to the original point of the thread. Are these champions oppressive in game? Or are the numbers misleading. Overall she doesn't seem overturned at all, (& from what I'v read the boards would agree) but rather her safety is a bit irritating in game. ##tl;dr Average damage output, below average damage taken. Seems to be less of an annoyance in game rather then more of a champion with high numbers ------------- ##Janna So Janna is the one I have the most experience with out of the four. She's one of my favorite supports. Looking again at the Champion.gg (http://champion.gg/champion/Janna/Support?league=) she seems to have a "Low impact" when it comes into gameplay. She's near the bottom when it comes to gold earned, kills, damage dealt/taken, & csing. On the other hand she has the lowest average deaths, and is top-tier when it comes to assists. What is derived from this is once again safety. Boards/players in general don't seem to like her for her safety and her very low skill floor and her seemingly non-existent impact upon the game. This is due to her kit being composed primary of utility, and her ability to keep people off her adc. (once again going to the anti-meta situation) At the same time however, I never see anyone complaining about playing against her. People seem to just dislike how easy she is to pick up. ##tl;dr high safty and high impact although seemingly unnoticeable in game. Doesn't seem to be as annoying as a pick as much as just complained about due to the rates & low skill floor ---------------- Ech... This thread went a bit off course. Overall what I'm saying is do these champions actually annoy you? Do they dominate you in game? If they do please tell me how so (I might be able to offer a solution ^^) or are they just seemingly "busted" or "broken" due to the illusion of numbers. ----------- Finally if these champions do need to be changed (nerfed) these are reasonable nerfs from my point of view Ivern- Each ally who dashes to the q reduces root duration. (Duration is slightly increased) Then his E no has a lowered damage value if destroyed early rather then full damage Lucian- BORK changes, talk to me when they're out Ahri- Move her move-speed passive from her q to her actual passive, giving her safety, but also reducing it. Also makes the passive more impactful then below 75%, wait for large minion group Q. OR Ahri- Change move-speed to be based off of hit count. Instead of 215 (I think) bonus make it +30-40 move speed with an additional burst right before it reaches the end of it's path (before returning) of 2^x * 5 bonus move speed for a duration that lasts until .25 seconds after the orb returns. Caped at a given amount to prevent super move speed ahri (Although I wouldn't complain ;)) (I.E a full minion wave of 6 would give her 30+ 64*5 move speed or 350 move speed) Janna- Shift a bit of power away from her shield. Her other abilities are all utility and if used well have huge impact zones, but the unreliability of it makes in most cases easier to be a shield bot then to optimize your utility. #Please I took my time to write this post, in which really attempted to analyze/pin-point the things about these champions that bothered people. So please take your time to reply below, or even just upvote for visibility or answer the poll. Your local Boards User -Skins Project
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