"Lulu is op" LOL WHAT?????

Anyone that is actually bitching about Lulu is probobly someone that mains one of the busted ass assassins that came from the assassin update or just generally abuses Lethality. Because people are getting tired of being one shotted in mid lane for no fucking reason at all they are picking Lulu and soon to be Lissandra with her upcoming buffs. ITS SO FUCKING FUNNY HOW MUCH this comes off as babyrage. Sorry but lulu isnt op whats op is that champions are running around one shotting people and you cant counter build them with armor because 'just lethality things'. So stop your fucking crying you little babies, Lulu is not getting nerfed because she isn't at all anywhere close to being overpowered. In fact its the most laughable thing ive seen people start bitching about on the boards. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??? hello? Lulu op??? That's fucking halarias when you fucking have Rengar's and Kats and Warwicks and Galios and 20+ other champions that truely are fucking busted af...
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