Autofill Is *Ok* If You Have A DECENT Team

So Today I Played A Game, And I Got Autofilled To Support. I Was Like Ok I Got This I Locked in soraka and i Had A Twitch Adc Im Not Bad support so we can win. Well this apparently wasnt a normal twitch.......... This was a twitch who started{{item:1051}} and bought 5x pots at first back, he had a terrible farm and blamed me for losing the game.......... If that wasnt enough our yasuo who i asked to lane switch so i could get top (in champ select) denys my trade and begin to feed the quinn who went 10/1 by 15 min and while my mid lane katarina was just flaming me for no reason........ This was a game where i wish i wasnt autofilled and placed somewhere like top so quinn dident get fed and i could have carried my bot lane But yea i got autofilled and if riot thinks thats the best to make me lose a game its the best i guess............ {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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