Sona: How would you improve her?

So I've played Sona for a long long time, love the character, but she always feels a bit flat. Outside of a great Ultimate, no one action that Sona does is ever all that impressive. Even her damage, a thing some people complain about heavily, isn't all that impressive if you look at any one part of it. She has high base AD for a caster but it's not insane by any means, the bolts do rather low levels of damage by themselves, the bonus damage she gets from using her Hymn of Valor is by no means all that impressive, Hell even her powercord isn't all that much damage (for an ability that requires 3 spells cast before to use). The problem is that generally speaking you are getting it with all of this at the same time. So I think maybe we finally make Sona's Hymn of Valor a skill shot of some degree. This would quite the people complaining that Sona gets "free damage" from the ability, but would also take steps towards fixing the problem that most of Sona's damage is loaded into one big punch, made up of an auto attack followed by an instant auto attack refresh + damage from the bolts + bonus damage of the empowered auto + powercord (and in many cases then plus the bonus damage from {{item:3100}} ). Passive: I kind of like what Sona does with her passive(s) currently. If i had to change anything, i might make powercord Staccato shred armor and magic resist. And probably change the visuals for W powercord, so that the enemy model "shinks" based off how much less % of damage they do. Hymn of Valor: So the first big change would be that Sona's Q no longer auto targets. Instead she fires off a sound blast that detonates at a selected location. Think empowered {{champion:43}} Q. units at the center of the explosion take X damage while those at the outer ring take 30% less. As a secondary effect Sona plays a song for 3 seconds, this song gives an "aura" to allies that either gives them a small AD/AP boost OR converts a small % of their damage dealt into true damage for the duration. I'd argue that this solves a lot of the current issues with Sona. You can miss your shots, it gives Sona wave clear, and most importantly it removes the need to do a follow up (no more 2 AA + 3 sources of magic damage + 100% AP scaling done in half a second). The secondary effect opens paths for more team damage instead of more personal damage. The hope is that this pushes Sona away from "needing" a ton of AP to work and thus makes {{item:3100}} Sona less popular. Aria of Perseverance: The front half of this spell wouldn't change much, you'd still heal yourself and the lowest health ally in a certain range. HOWEVER the secondary effect would change from giving a shield to everyone you tag, to Sona laying down an area of effect around her that allies gain % spell vamp / life steal while inside. With an increase in the base cooldown, this spell would change Sona's heals from a chaingun of low individual impact heals & shields in the late game, to strategic high potential impact abilities that can swing team fights if used correctly. Song of Celerity: What if this ability also gave attack speed to allies in the area? Instead of being the spell everyone levels last, because lets be honest the scaling per rank is kind of horrible, and often there isn't any reason to cast it during battle except to build a stack towards power cord. With this spell giving bonus attack speed, Sona's are forced to consider the different options when leveling. Level Q for more bonus damage, Level W to make your allies more resilient in combat, or Level E and let your allies get into combat faster as well as land 1-2 more hits when trading with opponents. Crescendo: If i had to change anything, i might make this an AOE around Sona instead of a short range line nuke with travel time. Oh and given the other abilities power i would remove the bonus CDR. No one wants to deal with a Sona that ALWAYS has an ability up and another ready on stand by. Finally i would up the cooldowns of Sona's abilities. Since her spells would now have much larger effects, their isn't as much need for her to be a spell flinging chain gun in the late game. Also no spell weaving, you can only get one bonus at a time The basic goal of this rework would change Sona from an early game liability and a late game machine gun, to a champion that requires more skill to use the right abilities at the right time so that her team can win a fight.
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