"Stuck in Bronze" Post.... I need guidance.

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This is another stuck in Bronze post. I've been playing league on and off for 5 years or so. More recently I've decided to take back up the old hobby and really go for the great ladder climb.... except it wasn't that simple haha. Getting back into the groove of the game was a task in and of itself, but feeling good after a couple weeks of norms I felt like I'd really gotten a handle back on the game! So into ranked I went. And got totally wrecked D: Of course I did well here and there but it was nothing consistent. League can be pretty toxic in bronze as well but honestly I've long accepted it's out of your control for the most part so it's best to stay positive and focus on helping your team and remain focused on the objectives. I recently switched to support role thinking I'd be able to help my team more from bot, as it's a very impactful lane(not to take away from the others, we all can agree that you need every role to win a game of league). I had fun on Vel Koz when he I used to play and I knew he was still meta for the support role in my elo, not to mention I came to realize it's much better to be a master of a couple champions than it is to be average at many champions... I have to say, I believe I'm getting much better at the game and I can feel my game IQ really growing. I get a lot of compliments on how I play and honors frequently. I've been averaging A to S pretty much every game with Vel now and it feels really good...but I still do stupid things sometimes. Like paying attention to the map at the wrong times, or facechecking a bush that I know has potential enemies in it, or find myself split between helping another lane or focusing an obj so I end up roaming back and forth which ultimately ends up wasting time. It's like I'm picking between A) and B) but really I should be focusing on C)... Also sometimes I feel like my impact on the game just isn't felt. Like it seems that some games are inevitably lost. I try my best to keep hope, even when there's others fighting amongst themselves/giving up. I know there's really only so many things you can improve at my level that will make a difference and ultimately you need to know when to call it a night so you can regroup your mentality persay, I got into B1 just to derank right back to B2 and lose like 3 more games.. Going to bed and for now..hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. If anybody could give me some tips that would be greatly appreciated.
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