Remember when being good at top actually meant something?

nothing like not being able to trade much less run from a guy building full hp/tank {{champion:223}} but doing 500 damage because he aa'd u 3 times under ur own tower. the dude had a sunfire tabis and a giants belt and stood under my tower while i hit him in order for his demolish rune to go off so he could chunk my FUCKING tower for 500 then leave and regen. he asked his full assassin j4 to literally just sit on me and i couldnt even defend my tower. he can tank about 10 hits level 10 before taking half hp damage as tahm while j4 just does whatever he wants to me. remember when being good at top actually meant something? those days are long fucking gone. just pick a fucking tank that abuses grasp and relax. this shit is PATHETIC. there is NOTHING interactive OR fun about this meta top. i dont UNDERSTAND how u can remove fervor release grasp like this AND NOT REALIZE SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO FIGHTERS? The game before that i went against a grasp yorick who got a sheen, tabis and i couldnt even walk up to a creep if his q was up. u cant damage him but he can damage you while sustaining and regening the damage you gave to him fuck every single tank main on the balance team for allowing fighters to be this dogshit for SUCH long time. if its not me losing to a tank, its me losing to this : me go against tank and jungler, me lose because bot is very intentionally feeding human piles of trash ( got the punishment warning after that one of them got banned but it doesnt make the game any better )
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