Katarina revert

Hello. What I, as an "pre-reworked" {{champion:55}} main think, is that the rework took her "personality" away EDIT: Like the Akali revork did.{{champion:55}} used to be an assassin which required a lot of skill to play, and you kind of HAD to dodge every cc, or you just died, which, i think, was the point of the champion. Quick assassin with a lots of burst damage, which is also very squishy and if hard cc´d, easy to take down. The rework made her a lot easier to play, and the playstyle {{champion:55}} has now is a lot different. I feel like you put a new champion into a game, instead of reworking it. When the patch wioth reworked {{champion:55}} went live, I was just "well they wont revert it anyways, so back there, I haven´t even had a reason to write something like this. But as I saw the {{champion:107}} revert, I think that with right arguments, it might actually get reverted. * 1. But riot games are making the game more "noob-proof", nowadays.. What i mean is that for example {{champion:64}}´s Q has an "expiring frame" when you hit it, which shows the time when you can use the second part of the spell.Also the leap range is shown. This fact is just making the {{champion:55}} rever less possible..
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