Items That Actually Need Reworks

{{item:3124}} - Legitamentally breaks many champions and makes all on-hit items worse because they have to be balanced around the double on-hit passive. {{item:3147}} - It just causes way more issues then it attempted to fix. I think the Blackout passive should be kept, but the Nightstalker needs a rework or removal. {{item:3091}} - This item is not good at what it is supposed to do. It is used for its on-hit and not the MR shred. Focus on the MR shred and replace or remove the on-hit. Needs to be an AP fighter item so give it cooldown and less or no attack speed and make the MR shred less dependent on basic attatcks. {{item:3095}} - No one wants this item. It is counter intuitive to you wanting to reduce upfront damage. {{item:3056}} - Make it purchasable for once in its life. Edit: To everyone talking about {{item:3091}} me and Moody P talked about it in his post that it would be interesting if they made Wit's End and phage item and then split the magic resist shred into a new item.
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