Pay to play Ranked

I think Riot should implement pay to play Ranked Que. I think it would solve the problem of the people who just want to casually play, or the people who get tilted one game, and troll the next. It would eliminate a lot of the problems with climbing out of lower ranks. It could put you with people that know how to play their roles, people who want to build a team comp, and people who actually put their heart into climbing. Riot can also leave the normal ranked queue for people who don't/can't pay to play, and want to troll, and mess up other people's games just because they don't agree with in game calls. I'm tired of putting everything into each game, de-escalating other teammates petty fights. I'm tired of watching my teammates troll each other because someone told them to ward, or not over extend or chase. It's very frustrating to try to build a team comp in Champ Select and having people just selfishly pick a champ that they only want to play despite it not really fitting the team comp. Pay to play Ranked will eliminate those who don't care about playing, or those who just grieve others because they just don't care.
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