Are those Yi/guinsoos nerf supposed to balance the game or kill the champs that use it ?

haha riot so good at balancing they kill a champ and call it a nerf wow okay thats cool i guess. Came to the conclusion that hey i might have played Yi in the past a lot but hey he's dead so thats cool. He's also not the only champ in league of legends and jungle is not the only role. I got over it and will just abuse broken fun top laners instead thanks riot for never nerfing nasus and allowing me to 2 shot ashes with no counterplay while being a raid boss! Oh and I had a feeling riot would nerf rageblade because it made Yi actually viable so yea thats that. Come fight the top dawg nasus if you want Riot! And so you know skirmishers are probably dead in this meta, why? Cause riot changed rageblade AWESOME nobody can duel tanky juggernauts anymore! I won't have to back away from a split push anymore because a jax or yi is missing! Good things riot but not very professional cause you killed the entire on hit build and its synergy well i mean tanks are cool yea ahahahahahah thats fine. {{champion:54}} for president. Who's gonna stop him if he bans vayne? {{champion:33}} what about him? {{champion:14}} try Riot i am not trying to show broken mechanics in your game just showing what you have done so far. You literally are releasing the most useless patches for the past few patches that only make tanks more powerful while crippling known tank shredders...... either the nerf is a killer or the buff is rediculous and will get swap to a nerf no logic whatsoever. Did the person who nerfed riot play yi for more than 10 games? No? okay..... You should nerf botrk and leyandrais next because they shred tanks too though botrk is ad so armor destroys it but oh wait leyandrais was nerfed 3% to 2.5% excellent riot!!!
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