The Warwick Mistake

I have been a Warwick main since early season 2. I started playing him heavily when I used to watch Guardsmanbob stream way back when, and have mained him as AP mid, hybrid top, AS jungle, every build and path you can imagine I have played many Warwick games as. Constantly dealing with abuse throughout, whenever I win lane and do well the enemy team trashes for playing such an "easy" character, if I do poorly or start losing, team would trash me for playing Warwick a "useless" jungle or "weak" top lane. He has always been one of my favorite characters, next to Cho'Gath, I love the tankiness he offers, how he literally pounces on the enemy carry and forces people to fight him since running will do no good. This is the second time that Warwick has become a common pick and strong just because of items, and this is not how Riot should play it with just nerfing him. The first being with the new FF before it was nerfed heavily, it made many jungles a problem, with Warwick being at the brunt of it. FF was nerfed, and was needed to be nerfed, and as the other jungle items came up on par Warwick slowly dropped back into a state of anonymity, which I was very happy with, I got my main back without bans or other people picking him as the FOTM. I am not sure the way Riot is going with the new smite and items, but nerfing Warwick because of them is not the way to go. This has been done multiple times with multiple characters whenever an item comes along that seems tailored specifically to that play style, and it has NEVER worked. Balancing a character around an item will make that character useless without it, you are stagnating build paths, making it so that the only way to play Warwick is the way that the item allows. Nerfing base ult damage and W duration hurts tank Warwick, not building damage and just using W to beef up your team's ADC while locking down the other teams. Warwick now exceeds with one build path, while every other is the same as it has ever been. A way should be found to make that build at the same strength as the others, rather then collectively bringing them all down until his strongest build has the power that Riot feels it should. First post on the new boards, and I have not even seen a Warwick since the changes, so I can offer no constructive ideas as to how to make the appropriate changes to not murder all build paths but one, so let's see if we can start a discussion up on how to do this.
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