Why I stopped playing LoL after 7 days

So I had a bit of time to kill for a week, and i decided to try LoL out. Mind you I'm over >28years. I did my research on YT and forums and random articles, to be as best prepared as possible. I started going against only bots to get a grove of what to buy and how to play. Then started going PvP @ lvl 10, did pretty good first few matches, got A+, A- and even one S+, this went on for 7 wins. But After this, it seems that i opened up hell. Now I only face smurf accounts get harassed and pretty owned. So I tough maybe if i loose a few matches i get better matchmaking. Nope, I have now lost 15 times in a row... So im fed up, this is not fun anymore. Goodbye and you should def fix this issue if you want new players and new money in to this game, which is pretty fun if you exclude all the smurfs that destroy my experience and the game for new comers. Going to try Dota 2 now. Hope they don't have the same issue.
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