Can I Play the Game Again

This is gonna be a bit of a tilt post but here goes. When I play any immobile champion the game feels like garbage. 90% of the time I cant play a mage mid or ill get destroyed by another assassin. When I got bot no matter how fed i get the 3/5 wukong can one shot me. I basically have to remove myself from a teamfight to live which is not a fun way to play the game. Last game playing jhin I got insanely fed and I'm pretty sure I was 6/1 or something close. Then as soon as midgame started I wasnt able to play the game. Our jax lost to an ap tryndamere so he ended up getting fed as hell and just endlessly running at me and killing me with his 3 second e. The Wukong who LOST to our talon was able to just EQR me every single fight if i tried to auto anyone. It didnt matter that I was fed or he was negative there wasnt a single thing I could do. It feels terrible when thanks to ignite and duskblade i get deleted before I hit the ground by an invisible Wukong for trying to auto something. When I first started playing which was the beginning of season 7, despite what people said I had a lot of fun. Sure I'd get destroyed but at least I could dodge the spells by mages or have at least 2-3 seconds before I died. Then mages became garbage and everything is point and click. The only outplay for an immobile champ is "have flash" or have absolutely no presence in the game whatsoever. Anyway thats the end of my rant.
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