Make prestige point purchasable with event tokens, and other suggestions

If you actually value your playerbase and dont want to seem like you're being greedy, moneygrubbing lunatics, at the very least give us SOME way to grind for prestige skins rather than having to pay a ludicrous amount of money on chests to receive them. Let us buy prestige points with event tokens in game, even if its some dumb amount like 100 event tokens for 1 prestige point. Theres nothing prestigious about spending a ridiculous amount of money on a free game. Here are all of my suggestions for making prestige points seem more about how much you play the game rather than spending money. * Earn 1 prestige point per 500RP purchased * Exchange 3100 BE for 1 prestige point * Exchange 50-100 event tokens for 1 prestige point * Have a 20% chance to find 1-5 prestige points in chests With this, people who regularly play the game and deserve prestige can at least earn some without having to spend 100 dollars or more for the skin, and the crazy people who play the game religiously can earn almost a whole skin without spending a dime. Thank you for listening to my TED talk

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