Please Buff Nautilus' Size

I remember the very first time I saw Nautilus{{champion:111}} in LOL. He was a humongous and towering figure; arguably, the biggest champion in the entire game. This seemed appropriate, considering his overall strength in-game, and the fact that his lore even mentions him donning his "hulking diver's suit." But when I look at Nautilus{{champion:111}} today, he really seems to be lacking his grim and threatening image. His size has been significantly reduced over time and now matches the height of many other non-tanky champions. I find this change to be saddening and I feel that it's taking away from his true power. He seems like a mere flea in comparison to other tanks such as Sion{{champion:14}} , Zach{{champion:154}} , and fully stacked cho' gath{{champion:31}}. I would love nothing more than to see his size increase to fit other members of his class and to better showcase his titan-like strength over his squishier foes. This is shown perfectly in the "New Dawn" cinematic, with his grand entrance and massive girth. Not to mention the fact that other champions had to literally look up to meet his eyes. This wouldn't be a buff nor a nerf. Just a simple visual update to show both champions and summoners exactly what they're dealing with when they battle toe-to-toe with "The Titan of the Depths."
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