People trashtalking Riot for not playing the game LUL

and then you realise the entire balance team is mostly d1 players and then you realise that jinxylord can probably teach the game to any boards users here let's make something clear right there if you want to call out the balance team for what they're doing then go ahead but if you want to shittalk the balance team for not playing the game then don't kid yourself, they do play the game and A HUNDRED TIMES better than you and they can probably teach you how to not lose against yasuo or darius I hit master tier every single season, this season i hit challenger, and I still don't know how to fixe the issues that are in league, wanna know why? that's fcking right because it's not something you can do in 5 minutes but if you yourself know how to then by all means, tell to scarra and imaqtpie how to fixe adcs or supports, or things that they both don't know how they would fixe like tahm kench being broken in high elo/competition due to his W but the most funny part is when bruisers absolutly tickle tanks and do not do jackshit to them, the boards and every toplaners complain about bruisers being a joke, riot fixe that by adding conqueror and you STILL see people complaining about riot adding more damage to the game, are you fcking serious? you have A CLASS SUPPOSED TO DEAL DAMAGE NOT DOING DAMAGE YOU THINK THAT RIOT WON'T BUFF THEIR DAMAGE OUTPUT? you really need to be real once.
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