God you're rank system and match making is pathetic.

Plain and simple Riot refuses to reset the whole elo system saying "It won't do anything". Funny fact is THEY NEVER TRIED but you know what "won't do anything"? This Rank designer and match making design team. It's obvious if you look at OP.GG at the start you can clearly see the B.S and how one sided the game is. I constantly have idiots who don't deserve to be in platinum with lost over win, the only reason why they are even in platinum is because LAST season they were plat so they get to start off at gold 2/1. This Rank and match making is base on luck nothing more then that. "You have more death then me Shen!" Well no crap bronze logic here I have to tank a fed enemy ADC and MID but some how idiots expect me to not go death over kill when crap lanes are out of my control.
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