If Riot Rereleases Championship Riven, I Am Completely Done With Respecting This Company

you can lie and fuck over your customers and gamers multiple times. but when it comes to skins you know were labeled as limited and sold online as a very rare accessory, there are boundaries. i know after dq you started not giving 2 shits about what anyone cares about your company, but as someone who has been fucked by every decision u have made, champ riven being released again would 2 fold it all. idc that i spent money to get that skin(big money) its the fact that you're doing it primarliy for money. if you actually cared about what the people who wanted the skin again wanted, you would release a skin similar to it. but instead you're just going out and releasing the original skin. idc about compensation. i bought the skin to let others know i was there when it came out. if you release champ riven, release every other skin that isnt pax. dont fuck me over then wait a while till you fuck the other skin owners over. no compensation is enough for another betrayal from a fucking game company that has no respect or honesty in itself. its just a big cash grab that you use regardless of the original sale. sincerely - a filthy riven main with every single riven skin on his main. (champ riven included) (riot pls just this once lemme get what i want )
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