Where are the Mordekaiser nerfs???

I am so sick of playing against this stupid champion. He is ridiculously overloaded and just does way too much fucking damage. Like why the fuck does he get free move speed from his passive if he always buys {{item:3116}}? Why does he steal 10% of all my stats just by clicking R even before he kills me? Why does he get 25% magic pen for free? Champions like {{champion:164}} and {{champion:39}} got half of their mechanics removed, especially {{champion:164}}, but Morde gets to keep all this unnecessary and overloaded shit in his kit, even though the numbers clearly show he is broken as fuck. Remove the move speed from his passive. Remove the free magic pen, nerf the ult duration at lower ranks, nerf his base stats, nerf his passive damage, nerf his stupid shield + heal, etc etc.

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