Can you guys revert Galio's rework?

Since we are in the state of reverting reworks (LB, Rengar, Kog'Maw,) why not Galio? The rework stripped him of his identity, removed the iconic spells that made him who he was and were fun to play, and made him less interesting as a whole. You stripped us of one of the most unique spells in the game- his old ult, which was so POWERFUL yet fun and had counterplay. Flying in with E, pressing R and pulling everybody in then BAM, mega damage. Now? His "taunt" is barely a shadow of its self- it didn't even do any damage until a few patches ago, and it slows him down so it's easy for people to get out of, and is 1) not fun to use, and 2) pretty horrible compared to his old R. His new R? Not fun or pleasing to watch, and you can only ult allies, who can die before you get there and then you can be put in a shitty spot trying to survive. You removed his fun W, where it healed him based off damage he or someone else took, and gave them a shit ton of armor and MR. That was so unique, and you took it away! WHY??? His old Q- although it was a skillshot, it rewarded you with mega damage for hitting it correctly. I LOVED using that spell on people and seeing them pop. Now it's this stupid blast of wind that is even harder to hit for the full damage because people know how to dodge and move out of it. Around the time of his rework, we got the Warwick job done not long before him. His rework was a very big SUCCESS, and made him more unique but still fun to play and KEPT HIS OLD SPELLS, but with new touches on them. Why couldn't you have left Galio the way he was, but did something similar to him like WW? Or, you know, not touch something that wasn't BROKEN? Sure, he was old and outdated, but his kit was FUN AS HECK and just needed tuning and a visual update, if that. Now? He's a shadow of himself, completely boring to play. He was my favorite champion, Riot, **and you ruined that.** You have ruined a lot of things for me on this game (Teambuilder removal, Galio, AP itemization), and it HURTS. Please revert Galio to what he was before. You guys have been making the game worse and worse ever since Tencent bought you out. You owe it to us, Riot. Stop thinking about all the greedy stuff you can do to make LCS money, and give us something that we can be happy about to sign into the game to play. #MakeGalioGreatAgain
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