Anyone else lagging and "attempting to reconnect" even with your internet fine?

I have had a few games in a row now where my ping is fine, but my game is freezing, and "attempting to reconnect" throughout my whole game. At first it was a guy I had played earlier saying he was "ddosing me," but the last few games he hasn't, and it's been acting the same. I ended all the apps I was working on, ran CCleaner, still didn't help. I disconnected and had to restart my client three times in my last game as Kayle, and didn't even get back in time as the enemy surrendered before I loaded in. It froze many times especially when I was in a team fight, and my ping was fine through out, only once during a freeze did it go up to 500 but otherwise it stayed low, but I kept freezing. Has anyone else had this problem today? EDIT: I ran the repair on League and that has seemed to fix things for now. Who knows it might mess up again.
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