Yeah, Resolve tree SUCKS

im jungle main, i usually play Rengar but occasionally I'll play a tank like Zac or Mundo. Resolve tree is a joke; even on tanks, precision / inspiration / sorcery all feel better than shit fucking resolve tree. Oh yea i have to wait for 10 minutes to get resists while {{champion:64}} etc. fulls clears and comes out at full HP 100% HP ready to gank. you're just encouraging everyone to play pure damage champs at this point; and i mean that directed at jungle role. Anything tank related (besides the obviously overpowered {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} ) is complete shit because of clear speed and lack of early game defenses while everyone else has quite high damage. Even bruisers like {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} fare far better on an assassin build that includes {{item:3134}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} I'll still pretty much only play rengar, but I don't think i'll ever be tempted to play a tank jungle given the shit masteries you offer them.
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