Ignore shields is terrible mechanic on pyke's ult

It sucks when you play someone like Blitzcrank It sucks wheyn you play someone like Orianna It sucks when you like to take Barrier on your champion It just sucks in generel. I do think pyke ult is too fucking overloaded for a single ability. I don't have problems fighting him in general, but the fact that his ult ignores shields, resets on kill, aoe, has a great range, grants extra gold, has a super low cast time and also can teleport Pyke disgusts me. Maybe something has to go in exchange for some power in basic kit? And my vote is for shield ignorance. Please remove it, feels terrible. EDIT: For all the people saing we need somehow to counter shieldstacking, yes, thats true, but i believe having it on an executable ult is worst way possible.

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