League Achievements?

I have not seen this being talked about before, but, I just realized that there is no actual achievement section like some other games like WOW (world of warcraft) has. There is some rewards, borders, information about how many fb for that specific season, but there isn't anything about a list of achievements you can do. I look at some games, and some achievements are like "reach level 10", "create a character", "attack 1000 times", "create an equipment", and this game doesn't have anything like that. It would be great to have some achievements like "kill 1000 minions" or "level up to 100". I honestly believe this game is missing some sort of completionist or veteran feeling. I'm not saying achievements should give a reward, but they should be able to say something like "this guy has played league for a while". It doesn't feel satisfying for me, outside of ranking up, simply because it doesn't feel like I'm rewarded for the time I spent on this game.
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