Of the 8 broken champs in the game right now, three need to be hard nerfed. They are all junglers.

{{champion:104}} Bruiser, marksman, hyper carry, insane base stats, self peel, blind, slow, dash, one of the best bursts in the game, can build bruiser and still one shot you. {{champion:28}} pre-rework taric level stun (guaranteed to hit), best burst in the game, mobile, has an escape, can one shot entire team with one ability in the late game; basically a kat ult except the damage is instant. {{champion:163}} All I have to say at this point is does riot even test these patches before they roll them out. These three champions were balanced then they buffed them for absolutely no reason; in the case of graves they made him tankier than most bruisers in the game which makes absolutely no sense in the course of 4 patches. JUNGLERS IN GENERAL After this, they should look towards nerfing other junglers as well; junglers in general are just way too strong. If these champs are removed, then new op champs will just take their place as their power level is also quite high: {{champion:203}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:76}} These OP/strong junglers have been too strong for a very long time, leaving junglers like: {{champion:72}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:36}} unplayable Edit: also notice that the op champions listed are all mobile hyper carries that are great in all stages of the game... almost like the two characteristics don't mix.
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