Garen's reworked 'W' in other Game Modes

Never posted here before, and don't really browse so hopefully this hasn't already been previously addressed. My apologies if it has but, MOVING ON With Garen's rework coming up in the next patch it got me wondering how his W would scale in other game modes that don't have heavy emphasis on CS-ing like on Summoner's Rift. Using ARAM as an example, CSing there tends to just be a happy accident from pushing the wave back at the enemy, and practically impossible for a melee champion [Garen included]. this makes his scaling W practically useless. Same goes for Dominion but, lol Dominion Would he get similar treatment like Gangplank does with generating Silver Serpents over time? Where Garen just poops out armor every minute or so? Or will he just get thrown under the bus for these game modes?
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