Why Diana?

Riot! Why do you hate Diana? I am literally sitting in my room not able to enjoy the game because the one champion I wish to play is the one champion that is more confused than ever. Part of me wants Diana to get a rework, but you all wouldnt get it right. And even if you do, you would just ignore her. Almost like you should just delete the champion. I would quit this game if Diana was not available. All those beautiful skins you give her does not change how she is played. And I know yall not going to respond. Sometimes it feels like yall are worst than korean MMO devs. I mean yall have to do better than this. And i know yall see it cause its screaming in your face. Assassin meta.... hmmm Zed (good), Talon (good), Akali (good), Diana (who?) Zed Q doesnt do enough damage, lets make his passive give 30 lethality. Oops zed does to much damage now... umm lets take 2 lethality away. What?? Zed just one shot mundo.... PERFECT. I mean really.... If you dont like the champion, i would pefer for you to just delete her. At least i know she wont have to suffer anymore. 20 years later and Diana still wouldnt get anything.
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