Adc feels so much weaker when the support isn't Lulu or Janna or any ardent user

The moment my team gets bc, Alistair or thresh or w/e people get mad in champion selection cause they want an ardent user for their team. You're just so insanely weaker without an ardent user, you have to ban them if you aren't going to pick one. Furthermore a trist or other hypercarries like vayne are just ten times as ridiculous with an ardent user. When they are with a tank support or overall non ardent user they're almost useless imo. You can take them down easily in team fights etc. You're at a major disadvantage if you don't pick an ardent support, meanwhile marksmen get ten times as strong when ardent supports are by their side. Fix that stupid bullshit and you don't even need to change any adc.
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