Can we have team builder back yet?

I just want to play jungle jax, that's all I give a shit about. But I can't do that because I have to pick either garbage draft where he's banned every fucking time or blind pick where I have to just autolock and scum the system and tell my teammates to go fuck themselves. I want to fucking play what I want without having to deal with this shit, can we get team builder back yet? I'm sick of this. It's just ranked, that's all it is. If I wanted to play ranked, I would play ranked. If you must, keep this as the ranked queue, but give us back fucking team builder so we can actually play what we want. > Sorgklaan: The new queue is garbage Sorgklaan: I want team builder back Sorgklaan: I don't even want to play anymore honestly Sorgklaan: This shit is so much more stressful and hassle than team builder ever was, it's like going into ranked every single match Sorgklaan: it's a fucking ordeal Tobiscuits: It is
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