Here's How You Can Win More In League

**INTRO** Do games feel like you have no impact, rng, bs autofill? Odds are that could be the case in many games and you're just unlucky, but there are ways to solo carry IF youre good enough at the game to understand how to win. **ABOUT ME** First off let me go over the general ways to win the game and what not to do. I am a former coach for League, highest elo reached this season was D2 which was 2 days ago, highest elo reached every was D1 in season 7. I used to coach on a website called, but sadly they grouped with a new coaching website called Gamer Sensei, where they denied me as a coach on their platform due to only "knowing one champion". Just because one tricks know one champion, doesn't mean they don't know how to carry. I won't be going over how to play your champion, because that is something I surely do not know, but I will go over how you can win. **THINGS TO CONSIDER EVERY GAME** Right off the bat I will be listing the reasons why people win their games and the win% for what they do in a listed form: 1. Everyone starts off the game with a 50% chance of winning. 2. First team to get first blood has a 60% chance of winning. 3. First team to get Rift Herald has a 60-70% chance of winning depending if you're on red or blue side. 4. First team to get Drake has a 70% chance of winning. 5. First team to get first blood tower has a 72% chance of winning. 6. First team to get Baron has an 83% chance of winning. 7. First team to get Inhib has a 90% chance of winning. These are things you need to remember every time you're playing the game. Remember that if you got Rift Herald every single game you've played, then you can almost guarantee that you'll have a 60-70% overall winrate. **THINGS TO AVOID** These are problems that you will see in every elo, even high diamond. Focus as much as you can on avoiding these things: 1. Stop focusing on getting kills 24/7. Kills do not win lane, and are a huge distraction if anything. Going for kills all the time denies you farm, exp, and allows for enemies to gank you because you're constantly playing aggro. A good thing to do is to harass the enemy laner out of lane, and deny them farm. Objectives will always be greater than kills, if you had the choice between getting drake and a kill, always go for drake unless the enemy has a huge bounty. 2. Provide vision level 1. Every elo has this problem, where Mid and Top laners will go afk under their tower, Supports will go provide vision in the most awkward brush in the jungle, ADC will be in fountain till minions spawn, and Junglers will sit on their buff. Provide vision correctly, if you're low elo, I 100% recommend going Ghost Poro to provide vision to stop enemy invades in case your team doesn't provide vision. 3. Dying 1 for 1. This is the most frustrating things, and it happens 24/7 with one particular champion, Draven. Draven players see their passives as bonus gold that they MUST cash out on as fast as possible, dying 1 for 1 to get their passive gets you your gold sure, but there are so many negative aspects that happens when you do this, and this is to every champion not just Draven players. Which brings me to my next topic, stop dying. 4. Dying in general. A lot of people don't actually understand how bad it is to die in League. The reason why it's bad to die 1 for 1, is because you lose exp and gold from minions, your team mates have to deal with the enemy that you gave a kill to, you lose pressure on the map due to your death, lastly you're not there to turn a fight. The only time dying is worth is: For a Tower, Drake, Baron, Rift, Inhib, Huge enemy bounty. Otherwise try not to die as much as possible. **HOW TO CARRY** A lot of players question why they're unable to carry, and just think the game is straight up unfair. Here's the answers to your question: 1. Learn what champions can and cannot carry. Every high elo champion says that you can carry with any and all champions, and they're not wrong. But this is talking about how to carry as a fed player. If you're playing someone like Syndra, Ashe, Sol, then it will be hard for you to 1v9 as a killing machine. The best champions to play for solo carry are champions that build either Trinity Force or Bork. These 2 items allow for champions that are currently fed to be a huge devastation to the enemy team, thus they can practically 1v9 PENTA. These champions are Lucian, Yi, Irelia, Nasus, etc. 2. Building health items. If you have a huge lead, you will probably continue to build damage so you're able to one shot enemy players. The best thing to build in this current meta is health items. The reason why Bruisers and Lucian are strong right now, is because they build items like Black Cleaver, Trinity Force, Steraks, Spear of Shojin, and Frozen Mallet. This gives them a lot more sustain, considering they're going to do huge damage either way, this allows them to have more sustain thus being able to carry team fights more easier. 3. Warding properly. Always make sure your side of the rive is warded correctly. Bot lane needs vision on the whole bottom side river. Mid lane needs vision on enemy jungle. Top needs wards on the entirety of top river. Junglers ALWAYS need to make sure dragon/rift/baron is warded. **CONCLUSION** The game isn't impossible to play. If the game was truly RNG based, then players like GOSU wouldn't be able to make a smurf and get to diamond elo with a 70% wr. There is just a bit more to winning than getting kills, and I hope this helps a lot of you out there. **_NOTE: I AM A JAYCE ONE TRICK, BUT I STILL UNDERSTAND HOW TO WIN FROM EVERY ROLE_** **SOURCES**
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