Real talk; Ryze will never be balanced as long as Riot tries to preserve his identity

Ryze has always been a balancing nightmare. He's a mage Who's also a Hypercarry Who has Burst Who has DPS Who has BURST per second Who's moderately tanky Who has point and click targeted CC Who doubled dips in items because of his damage scaling off his Mana The recent rework only added MORE stuff to his kit as he now even has a form of engage tool or rather a "Nope" button as well as actual WAVE CLEAR Not only this but he manages to bully a lot of champions because his damage is just so outrageously high while also scaling really hard. Let's face it, most of Ryze's identity is stuff that will never be able to be balanced since it's either broken and feels unfair to play against or is laughably weak. IMO Mages should make trade offs, lacking in DPS but having nice burst with usually moderately high cool downs and being rather easy to kill once you close the distance. But Ryze is just a monster, especially in the hands of experienced players and Riot desperately clinging to this idea of mana based machine gun mage will never truly be balanced seeing that it's just so problematic. They should have just focused on making him the Rogue Mage and not just cling to gameplay mechanics that just seem so unfair and unbalanceable. But hey, maybe it's only me and he's perfectly fine and healthy. Like, the Ryze Rework Meme exists for a reason.

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