The Balance approaches are NEVER simple, I swear.

You could nerf Ardent/give it a simple niche and accept the fact that having supports beef up carries (with items AS WELL AS THEIR KITS) that should have to wait out and work for their items isn't the **healthiest** design, and only aids power creep & covering hypercarries' weaknesses. You could simply work on Supports and attempt to give them stronger identities if they aren't performing well without these statstick-support-items. You could buff turrets in SOME fucking manner, but god forbid we have even **slightly** longer games on average despite the inclusion of all things turret-smashing; **despite turning League into a HoTS clone will destroy it as well as drive people away**. If they wanted HoTS, they'd go play HoTS. YOU COULD accept the fact that SOME THINGS just DON'T work out very well, and the best way to handle that IS NOT to throw an entire box of band-aids on the game to try and MAKE it work. - inb4 someone drops in, "BURTBURTBUTTT BALANCE ISN'T SIMPLE!" I acknowledge this. But ignoring the glaring issues in favor of trying to make unhealthy changes function isn't exactly a *great* idea nor one that leads to making the balancing any less difficult. ------------------------------------------------------ **TO CLARIFY**: I do not have an issue with hypercarries in and of themselves. Used them to help make my point regarding the current state of Support Itemization.

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