Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...

...and this, based on the feedback of people who played ARAM only for the event. Don't base your actions on the same people who throw games because their ranked pocket pick happens to be OP in aram and get nearly perma banned to the point they get triggered every game. Most of them most definitely never heard about what are ARAM accounts and don't understand how bans were a vital addition to ARAM to satisfy the lack of balance who becomes more and more apparent the more ARAM accounts become popular and how much new tools we get to trade/reroll. Bring back bans to ARAM, its players have been asking for it for years and now you are removing it as soon as people who didn't even play it regularly before complains. We deserve it, we need it and, most of all since we now know it exists (some people argued that random mode bans weren't possible before), we want it to stay. EDIT: a lot of people have been commenting about how themselves frequently played ARAM pre-bans and still prefer they get removed. Understandable, but sadly the only actual argument that makes sense from what I saw is the fact that they make Arams longer (having to spend even less than an extra minute or mere seconds for a single game sure sounds dramatic either way...). A lot of people have been complaining that they can't play X champ or Y champ, both being often at a minimum of 55% winrate in ARAM. I'll just repeat myself over and over again by saying that **ARAM isn't supposed in any way to be predictable, hence why it is normal and in fact more balanced that you are restrained from 10 supposedly OP champions each game to force you to play the rest of the roster at 93% integrity**. If your objective is to make several games until you get THE pick you wanted for a guaranteed win, then just play another game mode. ARAM is meant for random picks allowing for experimentation and familiarisation with other champions. X and Y champions being hard as hell to get just means you still have access to about 140 other champions, if you are unhappy with that fact then why the hell are you playing a RANDOM game mode? Don't act like bans just forces your picks to be "unlucky" by removing your OP pocket pick from the roster: every picks should be possible and acceptable, if you aren't able to accept the fact that you can't get a champ from 7% of the whole roster for a **majority** of games (it's actually impossible to get a 100% banrate after all, and people playing ARAM tend to always possess the top picks for it, meaning you actually have very very high chances to be able to get what you wanted if it gets through bans) then don't pronounce yourself an ARAM fan since you apparently don't like its actual concept. Also, little tip for you guys: you might want to grab another account before commenting some arguments in favor of the bans removal: it's actually very very easy to verify your account, and you can't imagine my surprise (...) when I saw that a lot of you suspiciously either get a free roll champion or one of the top 10 winrates champions in ARAM and that, for some of you, the actual rate of you getting those last 10 champions is insanely lower than before since about two weeks, dooming you to get those oh-so-horrible (spoilers: they aren't) free roll picks. You fool no one, you gamemode cheesers EDIT2 : Some people actually brought up an interesting argument, being that banned OP champions just makes the "second tier" of strong champions be as OP as they are. The thing is, that because of how easy it is nowadays to manipulate picks in ARAM through normal means like rerolls or more advanced ones like ARAM-accounts, high winrate champions had an insanely higher pick rate than low win rate ones (quite bizarre to see in a "random" gamemode, no?). Forcing top winrate picks to have a much lower pickrate actually results in two different outcomes: 1- Champions with lower winrates are getting picked more often 2- Champions with lower winrates are fighting way less often against high winrate ones, meaning that they do now have more chances to compete, thus increasing their low winrates. So, after all, there'll always be top picks in aram, it'll always will, but forcing them to be less frequent means they influence less the winrate of other champions, meaning that champions who were precedently trash can tier can actually be used with some decency without having to fear to get matched up against a 65% winrate opponent with they sub-40% ones, which results in a lot more balance than before. EDIT3: Guys, "playing champs with almost guaranteed wins is fun" isn't a viable argument in any kind of gameplay, ARAM isn't any exception to this either. Some of you are just plainly admitting not wanting bans because you can't play your main in a gamemode encouraging playing other champions that those you are used to, you don't make any sense. EDIT4: more than 24 hours after the creation of this thread, it still brings a fair amount of feedback. Problem is, this back clearly went downhill for some hours now. People went from simply either being sad about the bans removal, explaining how they are almost vital or how they didn't liked it to simply insulting each other while trying to shut down the opinions of several persons at a same time by throwing insults or claiming entire point of views circle jerks or "boards mindset" (you know, the argument everyone uses whenever they are losing in an argumentation here?). What surprised me even more is that **There's an actual Rioter comment in the thread**. It sadly isn't related at all to the point of the thread, but it is enough to show there is at least some Rioter attention on here one way or another. Maybe they consider the feedback on bans. Maybe they find the activity on this thread questionnable (there really is a lot of alt accounts commenting here after all). Either way, screaming like monkeys that you can't play fiddlestick anymore and that anyone keeping you from doing so is mentally deranged is just sad. Either show actual feedback on your actual account and, if the points you are trying to make have already been mentionned by me in a way or another as biased because of X reason, then you might reconsider using it since it doesn't add anything new. EDIT5: Just a little heads up, some of you seems to STILL not understand that bans DON'T keep certain champions from being played at all. All champions can and will be played, since it is literally impossible to have the same bans every single game (and from the comments of people wanting bans, the actual champions that they seem to hate enough to perma ban are quite different from each other). I, personally, hate playing Ziggs but love playing him, so I just didn't ban him and banned someone else while thinking that if zigss isn't banned, there's a chance I get him. But what happens if I DON'T get him? I don't care, thats what I do, and this seems like something that a lot of people defending Riot removing bans seems to not understand: if you play ARAM, you are willingly accepting the fact that you will very rarely get the champions you want, and thats the charm of the gamemode. Don't like it? Don't play it and never come back, simple. In fact, by using some logic we can come to the conclusion that champions who were precedently banned the most frequently would've been less and less banned with time IF Riot just didn't touch the bans and just let them in. How? Because for the first time ever, Riot actually tried to balance ARAM and kept those balance changes (who aren't bad at all I must say) and will probably do more in the future. This means OP champions (those that you guys claim were "permabanned") would've become less and less OP, meaning that the actual reason to ban them would fade away, letting them be more present in picks. Before trying to claim bans in ARAM remove the random aspect from it, can you stop and think about what makes ARAM random, what bans do and what are the gameplay implications of the gamemode both before and after random picking??
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