Potential Syndra 'Nerfs'

Hello, I am a Syndra main. It is no secret that much of Syndra's burst comes from her ultimate and I do not deny that; it is incredably strong, but it also comes with many other costs to her kit. Anyhow, to get to my two ideas: 1) While playing a game as Syndra I noticed that after she ults the three spheres that orbit her come back not long after she finishes the cast. I started to considered that (similar to Annie's passive stun tornado that circles her) when Syndra's ultimate is on cooldown the three spheres orbiting her should disappear until her ultimate was off cooldown. 2) I then also considered at certain incremental periods of her ultimate's cooldown, spheres would appear as 1, 2 and then finally 3 which would denote she is ready is ready to cast it, while first two would denote how much longer her ultimate is on cooldown. (I know this is poorly explained and it you need me to rephrase or explain my idea differently please let me know) :) It is pretty clear to me most players are frustrated with Syndra's high **SINGLE-TARGET BURST** and I thought this might be a way to let other players know when she is ready to blow them up. I have no idea how this might changer/weaken her but I thought it was an idea worth sharing. Thank you for listening!

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