Visual Indicator for Miss Fortune's W Stacks

I know a lot has already been said about Miss Fortune's strengths, weaknesses, consistency issues, etc. but one thing that has always bugged me about her that I almost never see anyone mention is that you have no way to tell how many stacks of your W you have on a target unless you manually mouse over and click them. This isn't an immense issue I understand, but it would be nice to be able to easily tell if the stacks have fallen off someone if she keeps dodging in and out of a fight. It bugs me a bit because virtually every champion who has a mechanic similar to MF's W, i.e. Twitch, Vayne, Varus, etc., all have some sort of visual indicator for their current stacks. Maybe just add some small circling hearts, similar to when she has her passive up? I just think it would be a nice QOL change to her, what do you think?
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