Play whatever champion you want, just make sure you...

**...Play it a lot.** No seriously, forget what all those tier lists tell you, if you're under Diamond it really doesn't matter what champ you play. But like I said make sure you play that champion a lot. I mean spam games on it, don't stop playing it. Dream about playing that champion. When you wake up, daydream about it while you eat your El-Os for breakfast. Obsess over it. Memorize all the abilities, how they work, the damage they do, the scalings. When all is said and done practice makes perfect, don't ever let anyone tell you your main is trash tier. Your goal should be to get so good with that champion that after every game your team is patting you on the back. #####Source: It is a well known and recognized fact that your win rate will increase with proportion to how much experience you have with a champion. Why do you think they track win rates of people with 100+ games on a champion separately from the unexperienced lot? This is just a feel good and encouragement thread. *Does anyone else have some tips and tricks or success stories to add? Please share!* Nami main out! ######omg I just need one more S for mastery 7... **Edit: Wow, I wasn't expecting front page! There's a lot less toxicity in League than everyone thinks! You guys are amazing!**
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