FYI: There is nothing wrong with playing a tank midlane.

I don't get why people flame over this. Or why everytime I lock a midlane Nasus/Malph/Sion, people are aghast in the teamchat: _"WHAT? YOU ARE MID! WHY TROLLWAWAWAWAWAWA!"_ Needless to say, I have a positive winrate (65, 58, 62 %) on these champs in midlane. And that's on my main, Plat 1 ELO. And why not play them? All three can go full damage, or full tank, or make a tactical lanepush build. They can compensate for whatever the toplane picks. * You go nerdy-full-dmg Riven/Yasuo? No problem, midlane tank got your back * Your pick is a lanepush-engine?Fine, I build a ZZ's and we make them ragequit for sheer frustratrtion. * You go tank? Good, I go damage. * Team needs AP? Fine, I make an ap build and melt those armor-stacking jokers They are all safe in lane. There are almost no counterpicks to them among midlane champs. They can get the enemy team to make bad decisions when picking the toplane counter. They all have utility to offer. They can go AD, AP or mixed. They are all excellent lanepushers. They all sh\*t on assassins and burstmages, aka. 90% of what edgelord-wannabe-Bjergsens play midlane. They can all play from behind, or snowball from a lead. They take minimum jungler attention to succed, and can deal with ganks on their own So next time someone picks something that you would normally see toplane, and takes it mid, how about you don't assume that you are being trolled for just a second, and actually watch the guy play first?
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