Is Riot going to forget about Yorick again?

Patch 8.17 Notes
Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti will start their adventure in patch 8.17! Get rolling with these links: Full-res splash art is available on League Displays! Attack range increased. Right now, Annie doesn't really have gameplay outside of dumping all of her spells at once.
After gutting any chance Yorick has in the early game in 8.17, Yorick remains one of the worst top laners in mid to high elo. Riot nerfed Yorick because unskilled players had a tough time dealing with him, so he was insane in low elo. Ignoring the fact that this type of balancing is disgusting for people who put time into non-meta champions, I am looking for input on how to buff Yorick in a way that does not make him insane in low elo. As a person who has put more time on Yorick than every other champion, how I would change him is making him less oppressive when the ghouls land. 2 ways of doing this are nerfing the W to 2 wall hits at all ranks, or to remove the slow, but keep the speedup when landing the E. This would allow champions to have an easier time dealing with the ghouls attacking them. Even if nothing like this is added, Yorick needs his ghoul numbers increased somewhat. He is a forgettable champion, but for people who play him a lot this patch was disgusting to read and made us lose a lot of faith in the balance team.
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