The job of a jungle??

Was on a mission to get chests for all the champs I owned. Checked and saw 5 midlane champs that had no chests, so I went veigar mid although I main adc, top and sometimes play supp. Veigar vs lux. She was destroying me. No excuse, no bullshit, she just was pummeling me into the ground. I backed twice in 10 minutes and got killed 2 more times in under 15 minutes. None of the time I was out of lane did my evelyn jungle come to take the farm and protect turret. Nor did she gank before I started dying to the lux. Her excuse was that she was farming to get levels so that she could gank....lane farm is just as valuable if not a priority due to our turrets. I lost first turret at around 12 and lost another within 5 minutes of that. I was all to blame, and her rakan duo?? He said I should have been playing safe. I think recalling twice early in lane to avoid feeding was being safe. I was just trying to get stacks, but the lux abuse was real. My question is, what do you do when your jungle is ignorant afk farming while her duo defends her actions and blames you. Obviously I could have played better, there is no mistake, but I was left to dry and so was my lane.
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