Isnt Infinity Edge Great?

HMMMM OH BOY DONT I LOVE WHATS JUST HAPPENED IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS. Everyone is having a great time playing some urf with yi and garen and stuff to deal with during it its GREAT. But you try to go back into the game and you realize. Now,i understand how you guys are always working on balancing everything.This champion is trash right now? give them a buff, this Zoe is doing most of sejuani's health in two abilities? make her not do damage. Nerf a champ too far put them back, and keep doing that to make everything work out well. but then how about WE REMOVE infinity edge from league of legends and instead put in some peice of trash that only master yi and yasuo can use effectinvely making every single adc in this entire game useless to the point that people are just like f*ck it IRELIA ADC YASUO ADC. Because like.. why not? actual adc's cant do anything anymore because {{item:3031}} IS ONLY GOOD ON YI AND YASUO DESTROYING EVERY BIT OF DAMAGE THEY HAD. isnt that just perfect huh. Can we please have Infinity edge fixed and put back into league so adc's dont get forced to feed to irelias every game? Thanks

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