How league took the fun out of variety and why the new runes suck.

I'm not even sure where to start on dissecting this mess of an update. Everything is in chaos and everything league stood for is fundamentally broken. Sure an argument can be made that - "dude it's just preseason", but lets be real, old runes aren't coming back, and the diversity and thrill of small changes affecting gameplay will be gone forever. When runes reforged was first announced, one question worryingly springed to mind, "Is this going to take power away from the player on how they change their gameplay?", and unfortunately the answer to this is - yes. > _Let me give you a personal example:_ > I used to play mordekaiser, and if you know anything about this champions base stats, then you know he has incredible low base armor, low hp growth, and he's one of the bottom 5 champions for hp regeneration. > With the old rune systen, it gave me the power to slot in say - * Armor quints and scaling armor yellows if I'm vsing a bruiser. * Or I could slot in ability power quints if I want to play more aggro. * Or health regen quints If I plan on sustaining poke damage. * Or full magic penetration with quints if I want to play the long game. Each one of these changes (even though small) affected the game SO MUCH, and the new runes can't even hope to have this much variety. The best part of this was, I MADE THEM, not someone at Riot telling me which runes to pick, because trust me, there will be an optimized rune page for each champion. The new runes don't cover the variety that old runes had at all. I can't slot in mulitple stats easily, I'm locked into two rune pages, which is incredible restricting in comparison to the 4 sets of Marks, Seals, Glyphs, and Quints that I could use before. For instance - say my champion only synergised well with 'Press the Attack', I am now locked in that rune page slot, whether I like the corresponding runes or not, I'm forced to pick them. Now for the second page, say I want some damage. I'm now without defensive runes. What if I slot in defensive runes instead? Sorry, you can't have both. There's absolutely no middle ground, and the current system gives you almost no choice on what runes you are playing the game with, it's all rooted around your keystone. The sad truth is, I can't customise my playstyle at all now, everything seems very linear, and gone are the days of the 1% crit runes being hit. _ Time to take a break._
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