Sona is a mid laner in supports clothing

And that's a problem Her pretty much only viable build requires her to build not one, but two artificially scaling AP items and the reason for that is because her base values and her scaling values on her skills suck, she needs some change because her place in the game right now is literally the EXACT SAME as pre-rework Karma, but unlike the old Karma, she can't really survive midlane When can we see another Sona rework? because I think we have had enough time to come to the conclusion that the rework did hardly anything to touch on her problems or even fix them at all She's still unsatisfying She's still got a low as fuck skill cieling She's still hard countered by like half the support cast Only now she does not have a wide veriety of builds to choose from and only has the one, full AP squish or do literally nothing
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