Dear Riot

Why the fuck do you even bother with Rotating Game Modes if you are never going to properly cater to your player base? All we have is like 99% Ascension and Poro King, while the ACTUAL FUN game modes, like One For All (Mirror Mode), URF (NOT ARURF!), etc are barely on show? Last time I checked, Rotating Game Mode was created specifically to address the lack of these game modes, but we rarely ever get them. Why do you not simply listen to your players? Why do you keep refusing to give us OfA, Urf, etc? Why is it so hard to satisfy a simple need? And if One for All isn't optimized for new client or whatever, why not work on that, or give us other FUN game modes meanwhile? Most of the community is sick of Ascension and Poro King, since the latter for example is pretty much ARAM with a big extra poro. If you are worried of "too much" Urf and Nemesis Draft making us tolerant and sick of it, don't be. Each one of us prefers those over Poro King every 2 weeks. Haha also don't forget All Random Summoners Rift amirite?
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