Talk to an 8 year Shaco main about Shaco, Meddler. Don't be afraid.

Couldn't help but notice you ignored the previous thread, so let me try again. You want to rework Shaco? Okay. You want to remove his entire early and mid-game? Okay. You want to make him a feast-or-famine champion with no real opportunities to feast? Okay. You want to make him deal zero damage outside of items? Okay. He can barely assassinate someone _now_, especially with the advent of Fleet Footwork, and you think nerfing Duskblade like this without compensation buffs will be fine for a champion who can't kill people _without items?_ Let me reiterate: #SHACO HAS NO DAMAGE ON HIS KIT SO HE NEEDS TO UTILIZE ITEMS TO DEAL DAMAGE FOR HIM AND YOU ARE NERFING DUSKBLADE WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION Is that clear enough? I hope so. You know what would help him do his job? A base damage ratio on Deceive again. Would it make him stronger? No, not really, but it would keep him in his place at least. Always remember: Winrate is not the only factor to take into account when it comes to champion strength. Shaco will have a higher win percentage when games reach the later stages because _of course he does_. There's things for him to _do_ over there. But forcing a champion to be entirely useless for _half an hour_ before being able to kind of compete with his competition (only because of his split-pushing ability) is ridiculous. There's a reason his pick rate is low. There's a reason people with a fair bit of gameplay knowledge and experience consider him to be bad. When the Duskblade nerf goes through, Shaco is going to suffer more than any other champion, because his engage is his disengage, that's how he gets his Duskblade proc off, but with Fleet Footwork, Oracle's, and all the mobility in the game, do you think he can stick to and kill his targets? The answer is no. Shaco mains are already getting sick and tired of this garbage and we _don't_ want to be pigeonholed into playing Bruiser Shaco again like the last time you kneecapped our favourite champion. Do you know why Bruiser builds on assassins happen? You should, as a member of the balance team. They happen because _it's the only thing they can do that gives them any real modicum of success_ because they _can't be played how they were originally intended._ You're looking at buffing _Kayn? Rengar? Talon? ZED AND KHA'ZIX!?_ But you think Shaco is going to be fine!? HELLO? Look at all that burst damage they ALREADY DO THAT SHACO CAN'T. Shaco is entirely dependent on items and you say that you're not going to buff champions that aren't dependent on Duskblade? #DUSKBLADE IS SHACO'S FIRST ITEM. HE NEEDS IT TO FUNCTION. But you seriously think Shaco is going to get out of this one OK? So OK that you're looking at _nerfing him?_ Are you for real? Come have a dialogue with me. I'd love to discuss this further.
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