Who Needs Nerfs>

Honestly, I think that most people are balanced for the most part, but Lux, Pyke, Fizz, and Darius just seem hella OP, Lux has her root, hecka low CD, and other stuff, Pyke has high mobility, and is an easy pentakiller as well as has a hook. Fizz is just cancer, diving under towers using his hop hop giving him invul? That's complete BS, it makes it so easy for him to get around and kill everyone it's not even right. Finally Darius, just wow... Even a first time player of Darius can get a ton of kills. Like I just played Darius on Aram for the first time, over 20 kills and 20 assists, was able to triple kill, and all I did was combo off using my skills without my ult. Like what, it's so stupid cause he can just keep popping off heals. For anyone wanting somethings I would personally change? Maybe an increased CD on Lux's ult or root, or a slight bit less heal on Darius' Q, or how bout removing the complete invul on Fizz's hop instead for something like a shield or something or maybe reduce the distance to something equal to what you can walk or what not.
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