Zoe's e shouldn't apply bonus damage if picked up from its pad.

I don't see it reasonable for a champion to miss a skill shot and still gain reward either way. This being a great zoning area for enemy champions to avoid. Zoe shouldn't be able to get her bonus damage off if it's missed, reasons being because it's simply unfair. The enemy should at least not get 100 - 0 when the E is missed. There is so much wrong about this champion regardless if she has a 48% winrate. This is the first case where I see riots intentions differently, honestly I'd never expect something like this to be released from then. But then as I thought about I came out with a theory. Since Ornn on release was a complete failure, riot didn't earn the target revenue they needed to make their profit and pay their designers. Ornn was under powered and very unpopular. I mean the champions play rate and winrate was still low for many patches until the % health changes and ult changes came to his kit including many others. You can even see this his play rate has spiked during this patch. With Zoe coming out with a ridiculous design its only natural for it to attract players that are interested in her rather than Ornn. I'm not sure but I am getting off topic. All I'm asking is for some compensation if she misses her E, don't make this harder than it needs to be. As a top lane main, its already hard enough to grab our items in time to reduce her damage.
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