In the last few hours/days, Riot actually seems to hear us now

A massive thank you to Riot Maple Nectar for his presence on some recent gameplay-related threads. Also, Meddler seems having noticed the huge number of unsatisfied players who don't enjoy the insane damage creep that is present in the game right now (You should all go read his most recent ["Quick Gameplay Thoughts"]( \) I don't even care if the upcoming changes are going to change something, the simple fact that the balance team might start seeing all the unsatisfation concerning the game and is begining to think about how they could fix this directly is EXTREMELY relieving. After months of having the sensation of being heard only partly by the balance team, I'm starting to have hope that either this season will finish in a better way than how it started or that Season 9 might be more enjoyable. Thank you EDIT: You guys need to stop jumping to conclusions. I'm NOT stating that the game will definitely get fixed, but we are definitely at a better spot if Riot, instead of ignoring the complains, are actually discussing about it.
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