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Ashe support. It is legitimately good right now. You grab the stoneborn keystone to trigger that ardent that you may, or may not rush. The core items are Ardent, your support item upgraded to the ward upgrade( I like coin, due to the emperor's favor reward, but spellthief may work as well), and runaans hurricane. Ardent, because with stoneborn your autos let your adc get ardent, Support item because gold and wards, runaans, because now your whole team gets ardent, and their team is slowed. After that, you can build almost whatever and it will work. I like to go black cleaver due to reducing the enemy team's armor for any ad champions you may have, and then usually a greedy damage item, but you can do whatever. Boots wise, attack speed or movespeed boots do well. I prefer movespeed, as since you won't have a lot of damage, if you get caught out these help you get away better. The harder lanes to go against are sustain lanes, which you just build an early executioners, that way their heals are weakened. You can then build that into the last whisper item. I would recommend banning blitz, as you are immobile, and it's harder to save you or your ad from a blitz pull. You just harass over and over in lane, use your W and then auto, as it does extra damage when you already applied your passive to them. It's good to know how to kite, as that is your strongest tool to save you and your ad. Around the time you get ult, look to make across the map plays. I like to back and then send an arrow down mid. It's a lot of fun, and you'll be surprised at how nasty it is, but when the runes get changed, it may change as well. Make sure to explain to your ad that you are a support building support items, not another adc.
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